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Let's Rethink Packaging

"Our goal is not only to achieve a complete rethinking of people towards a reusable system, but at the same time to clean the world's oceans of as much marine plastic as is somehow possible."

Our long term goal:

Eliminate conventional packaging

Make the shipping system sustainable & environmentally friendly

100% CO2 neutral

About Us

Hi, we are Joshua & Philip – the founders of The Ocean Package.

We have been friends since childhood and in January 2021 we formed our startup: “The Ocean Package”.

Like many of our generation, we buy nearly everything online. It’s easy. It’s often cheaper and honestly, most importantly, it saves us a lot of time.

Yet after a while, the number of packages became too much, the cardboard boxes piled up in our hallway and we started thinking…

Does packaging has to be a one-time product? What options do we have to change e-commerce, and more generally, how can we reduce waste and improve our ecological footprint?


From this tiny idea The Ocean Package was born.

Joshua & Phillip – The founders of The OceanPackage

The evolution of packaging

To reduce the impact on the environment while offering e-commerce businesses and their customers a new delivery experience.



One kilo of recycled paper consumes 15 liters of water and 95% of the chemicals used in this process end up in our groundwater.



About 9.5 million tons of plastic end up in the sea every year.

Reusable packaging

Reusable packaging

With our packaging, we not only clean up the sea, we also avoid polluting the oceans in the first place.

The Ocean Package

What's our mission?​

The Ocean Package aims to revolutionize delivery, shipping & packaging in general.

Through our versatile, reusable box, we hope to revolutionize the sustainability of packaging used in e-commerce. We use plastic polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable and can be obtained from ocean granules. A game-changer

We – The Ocean Package – take care of the development, material procurement and production of customized packaging solutions. Creating an efficient and sustainable returnable system, as well as the smooth delivery of returnable packaging to the customer. We want to promote cooperation with similarly oriented and interested companies, so that we can continue to grow and transform e-commerce together.

Our product is made mostly of recycled materials. 

The reusable packaging saves the customer from buying cardboard boxes, not only making the shipping system more sustainable, but also revolutionizing the customer experience. 

The OceanPackage

Our Material

Ocean - granulate

All of our products are mostly made of recyceled materials, with a large proportion consisting of ocean-granules.

By using our product, you basically clean the world’s oceans of floating plastic. Nearly no new materials are included, and the product can be used over and over again, up to twenty cycles.

Using ocean plastic leads to an impressive improvement on your environmental footprint. By using 1000kg of recycled marine plastic you save about 1675 kg of CO2 and avoid primary plastic. With this, you can improve your carbon dioxide emissions by a factor of 1 to 5.7.

The ocean plastic is produced using a specially developed recycling process, repurposing fishing nets disposed of in the sea, as well as other plastic waste. The plastic waste is collected by fishing boats using trawls, then cleaned and separated into the respective types of plastic in order to be processed into regranulate and completely reused.

By using our product – which is made of PP – you are directly contributing to further closing the material loops, further reducing landfill, marine pollution and the loss of valuable resources.

Ocean - granulate

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