The Ocean Package


Why are your packages all gray?

Gray is the recycling color of the polypropylene material. Due to the slightly varying gray tone of our packaging, we can guarantee the highest possible recycling rate and do not have to use chemicals, which would require a different color design.

What kind of material do you use?

We have chosen polypropylene (PP) because PP is not only one of the stronger and stronger plastics, but also has a very good recycling rate. Our packaging is made up of 70 percent recycled materials and 30 percent primary plastic.

Why do you use marine plastic?

At the beginning, we asked ourselves how we could solve as many problems as possible with one idea, and after long research we found the hollow chamber bar plates made of PP, and at the same time we came across a company that cleans the oceans and makes new products from the collected plastic. So for us it was obvious to get plastic with at least1/4 of the weight of each packaging out of the sea for a small extra charge.

How does your packaging get back into the cycle?

As of today, we only work with companies that have existing cycles through very high return rates, subscription models or rental models. At the same time, we are working at full speed on a comprehensive returns system, which will enable us to offer our packaging to every e-commerce company in Germany in the long term.