The Ocean Package

Driving Sustainable Innovation: The IMA and Ocean Package collaboration

Together with IMA we are working closely to pioneer innovative solutions in the packaging sector.

IMA, a global leader in automated packaging machinery, and we, as specialists in sustainable, reusable packaging solutions, both develop cutting-edge solutions to effectively meet the evolving demands of the E-Fulfillment and Intralogistics markets.
Due to the large volume of packages shipped, the E-Commerce market is constantly under scrutiny from legislators, particularly in the EU. These regulations are pushing the sector towards a progressive reduction in CO2 emissions and packaging materials.

Full recyclability of packaging is increasingly vital, and e-tailers must prioritize this aspect to comply with laws and meet customer expectations. To be considered recyclable, packaging must meet specific criteria, emphasizing recyclability and optimal sizing to minimize material consumption.

To tackle these challenges, we developed a clever box crafted from recycled plastic (with at least 30% of the material sourced from oceans), designed for multiple reuses. Upon reaching the end of its lifecycle, the case undergoes full recycling, contributing to the creation of new reusable cases. This innovation not only aligns with current EU Packaging Directive standards but also anticipates compliance with the forthcoming EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

IMA's E-COMMERCE Division Successfully Validates New E-CO Flex Machine Family for Automated Packaging Solutions

IMA E-COMMERCE Division, which offers automated packaging machines specifically designed for E-Commerce, E-Fulfillment, and Intralogistics, has recently tested and successfully validated our cases on the E-CO Flex family of machines.

IMA E-COMMERCE’s range of machines includes automated solutions to form and close cases, automatically picking the best fit-to-size box and streamlining the packing operations, while reducing human intervention and plant footprint.

Our joint endeavor with IMA unlocks synergies by amalgamating our respective strengths and expertise. It pushes the packaging industry forward and crafts innovative solutions that add tangible value to the market, offering our customers new products and packaging possibilities which will increase their popularity in the near future.

About IMA Group

Established in 1961, IMA is a world leader in the development and production of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, tea and coffee products, as well as in the automation of industrial processes.
The IMA Group closed the year 2022 with consolidated revenues of around 1.9 billion euros; it counts more than 6900 employees, of which 2900 abroad. IMA Group is present in about 80 countries, supported by a commercial network composed of branches with capillary sales support and more than 140 agencies globally.
The Group relies on 54 production facilities and holds more than 3000 active patents and patent applications worldwide. IMA considers its commitment to sustainability to be of primary importance, with particular reference to peoples’s quality of life and reducing the environmental impact of packaging and industrial processes.

About E-CO Flex

The E-CO Flex by IMA, is an advanced packaging machine for e-commerce companies, designed to speed up and automate the packaging process. The machine is composed of two modules: a case former and a case closer. These modules can be combined to form a packing station or remain as stand-alone modules, accommodating countless plant configurations and needs.The system can handle various box sizes, chosen based on product dimensions received from the customer’s Warehouse Management System. After manual product placement, the machine can adjust the box size for a perfect fit, optionally add a shipping label, check the weight, and ensure the box is correctly closed. E-CO Flex’s modular design makes it suitable for any logistics setting, accommodating fast-paced e-commerce demands.