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Reusable Packaging

We have rethought the cardboard box and further improved it with the help of PP hollow-core web sheets. Here we rely on other materials to establish a truly reusable product. Over the last two and a half years we have spent a lot of time developing our shipping box and have now found the optimal solution. The use of recycled polypropylene hollow-core web panels results in a similarly flexible product to the cardboard box. However, with the big difference of being reusable. The Ocean Packages can be used up to 20 times. This can save up to 95 % packaging waste and up to 80 % CO2.

Reusable & Recycling

In addition to reusable packaging, The Ocean Package stands above all for a circular economy in all areas. Our goal is not only to achieve a closed loop in German e-commerce through reusable packaging, but also to establish a raw material cycle. Therefore, our customers have to return all used packaging to us at the end, which enables us to fulfill a 100% recycling quota and to reuse the recycled material afterwards.

Standard Size S



Standard Size M



Standard Size L



Standard Size XL



Standard Sizes

In addition to four standard sizes from S to XL, we also offer customized reusable solutions from a certain purchase quantity. Basically, we offer all our customers individualization of their reusable packaging and are in the best position in terms of both design and implementation.


Together with our graphic designer and our partners we can realize practically any kind of individualization and offer our customers flexible solutions and implement them directly.

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