The Ocean Package

Our Team

Marlon Koenen

Marlon has been supporting us part-time in the area of logistics since mid-2022 and plays an important role in setting up our logistics software.

Käthe has also been part of our team since May 2022 and takes care of marketing and social media.

Sophia von Safft

Sophia is our second employee in the marketing area and has also been part of the team since May 2022. Together with Käthe, she thinks about content and marketing strategies!

Alexander Panov

Alex is our Head of IT and has been programming our logistics software together with us over the last year.

Bernd Mayer

Bernd has been supporting us in the area of marketing and brand strategy since 2022. His focus is on how we can best establish ourselves in the market and differentiate ourselves from existing market participants.

Ulrike Meyer-­Borchert

Ulrike is our graphic designer and works on the optimal implementation of our clients’ designs and our Ocean Packages. Additionally she supports us in the areas of content creation and marketing.

Philip Mayer

Philip is one of our founders and managing directors. Responsible for product development, human resources, IT and sales.

Joshua Linn

Joshua is one of our founders and managing directors. Responsible for finance, marketing, project management and collaborations.