E-commerce is growing steadily, with one forecast predicting that it will reach 23 per cent of total worldwide retail sales by 2027. Unless innovative solutions are found, this growth will come with an equivalent increase in the volume of packaging. Rather than focus on recycling alone, several organisations are now turning to reuse as a way to more rapidly reduce pollution and improve the circularity of their operational processes.

Die Gründer Joshua Linn (l.) und Philip Mayer wollen mit TheOceanPackage Verpackungsmüll und Meeresplastik reduzieren

Joshua Linn und Philip Mayer produzieren mit ihrer Firma TheOceanPackage Mehrwegboxen für den Versandhandel. Um diesen ohnehin nachhaltigen Ansatz weiter zu steigern, setzen sie Meeresplastik ein.
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Hier findet ihr den Podcast von Bits & Pretzels, genauere Beschreibung der Folge sowie weitere Podcast findet ihr auf der originalen Seite von munich startup

Joshua was on the “nature.backed” podcast and talked about the basic idea of The Ocean Package.https://theoceanpackage.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/ECM6063409377.mp3

Picture of Joshua and Philip presenting a reusable box together

Cardboard packaging often ends up in the trash after just one use. There is another way, says the company “The Ocean Package”.

Cover des Podcasts aus der Heimat von Radio Oberland

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Bild gestapelter Kartons in schlechtem Zustand

A report on the parcel flood from the perspective of neighbors and shippers and disposers. Online trade has increased dramatically: And with it the flood of parcels. The deliverers are jubilant – but the climate […]

Bild von Jushua und Philip die Stolz verschieden Große Mehrwegversandboxen präsentieren, aus dem Münchner Merkur

Munich-based start-up wants to revolutionize online retail with reusable shipping boxes.