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The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) highlights a serious problem in the EU - packaging. The PPWR report shows that 40% of plastic consumption and 50% of paper consumption is due to packaging. Over a third of municipal waste comes from packaging, especially single-use designs.

Reusable shipping boxes - reuse is crucial

Although less packaging waste ends up in landfills than twenty years ago, it was estimated that this was still 20% in 2020. About 16% of packaging waste was incinerated. Around 17% of all packaging is considered non-recyclable in the first place and the recycling rate for packaging waste in the EU has not improved since 2010.

The PPWR report stresses the importance of reuse and calls for clear requirements for reusable packaging. Manufacturers and end distributors are equally responsible for the success of reuse schemes.

Reuse is crucial to reduce Europe’s material and carbon footprint and meet environmental targets. The report supports the targets proposed by PPWR, but calls for improvements to make the transition to reuse smoother.
The future of packaging requires a sustainable transition, and reuse is a step in the right direction. Visit The Ocean Package to learn more about reusable shipping packaging.

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