The Ocean Package

Mehrwegverpackungen im Fokus auf der K5

🌊📦 The Ocean Package at K5 Berlin - Focus on Sustainability! 📦🌊

We are proud to announce that The Ocean Package was exhibited at the prestigious K5 Future Retail conference in Berlin. Our stand was located in the Green Area, the start-up area, where we presented our innovative reusable shipping box and reusable box. Our innovative reusable shipping box and reusable box were the focus of our commitment to sustainability.

K5 provided us with a valuable platform to showcase our reusable shipping box concept and engage in intensive exchange with leading industry experts and decision makers. Over two extremely exciting days at the Estrel Hotel, we had the opportunity to make valuable contacts and win some new customers.

The feedback received was particularly gratifying. It was inspiring to see how our reusable shipping boxes sparked interest in sustainable packaging. We also wanted to emphasise recycling at K5, as it is one of our primary concerns in our vision for the future.

After using our reusable shipping boxes up to 20 times, we can recycle 99% of them locally in Europe and turn them into new boxes. In doing so, we are setting a remarkable example for circular economy and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone who visited us at K5 for the stimulating conversations and educational discussions. Together we are actively shaping a more sustainable future with our returnable shipping boxes and reusable boxes!

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